Our city brands

Our family includes Knightsbridge Guarding (security services) and Lancaster Cleaning (cleaning services), to offer unique integrated solutions through specialist single services, with flawless delivery.

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Lancaster Cleaning and Support Services

Lancaster’s aim is to enhance working environments and bring cleaning into the 21st century. It has been delivering cleaning and associated services to some of the most exclusive addresses in London for over 38 years. This focus gives Lancaster a deep, almost sixth sense, understanding of the cultural fit and demands of each customer. Lancaster understands the importance of attention to detail – making sure every environment it cares for is cleaned to first-class standards.

Knightsbridge Guarding

Knightsbridge is a leading authority in security for London centric organisations. It protects every customer’s reputation by safeguarding their people, buildings, assets and data from current and emerging threats. By investing in great people, being within 30 minutes of its customers and tailoring its approach, Knightsbridge is delivering absolute integrity, responsiveness and innovation.